Why, who, and what

Q:  Why should I read this book?
A:  No matter how old you are, man or woman, white or black, red or yellow; there is one thing in common that we are all sharing, and caring: about is the FREEDOM.  This true story will change your point of view about what you call freedom.  Everyone has his own definition of freedom, but to understand its real meaning; here is one of an unimaginable experience of how to get closer to freedom.

Q:  Who should read this book?
A:  As long as you are older than fifteen then we assume you are consciously enough to read this book.  Are you a Vietnam vet?  Yes, this is the story of your real life on that savage land.  Are you an adventurous person?  This remarkable story will make you feel humble, and "small" to what the author had endured.  Were you a prisoner?  then you will feel good, and sympathize for Nicholas Tu's unbelievable prison time.  Are you a student?  No doubt that this book is the most informative sources about the land and the war that you only hear once in a while from your parent, who may not even have any idea what happened on the other side of the globe.  And finally if you are a parent, this book is the reason to tell your children to be humble, and appreciative whatever they have right now.  Because there is nothing more precious than what they has but they don't know:  Freedom.

Q:  What make this book is special?
A:  Have you ever heard the term "boat people"?  Have you ever had any idea about the communist society?  Have you ever been hungry for just a week?  Have you ever been considered as a fugitive?  Have you ever been in prison?  Have you ever slept on the side walk for even only one rainy night?  Have you ever been forced to be a hard laborer? Have you ever thought that some day you will loose everything, and become a homeless person ?  Have you ever attempted to cross the ocean with a boat less than twenty feet in length over a thousand miles?  Have you ever been waiting for the death when someone is ready to stab a knife into your heart?  Have you ever been a witness of the most inhumane crime when the victim is a thirteen years old girl?  Have you ever slept with rats, and bed bugs for years?  If you only say yes for only one of these questions, the you are a very lucky person.  But if you say "yes" for more than half of these questions, you are still a lucky person, because in this SPECIAL book, you will read a TRUE STORY about Nicholas Tu, who had struggled to survive with, and all the above conditions for almost fifteen years, and his miserable life was not stop there...You will agree that this book is special.

Buy it, read it, keep it for the next generation.  You will not regret with whatever happened in your life.

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